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Major Remodeling

We're experts in converting existing homes into delightful new living spaces. Whether your home needs new dormers or a renovated attic, a complete exterior remodel, or an entirely new floor plan, we handle it all. We remodel you're living space to your style, specifications and spending plan.

Examples of Major Remodels:

Room Additions, Pop Tops, Garage Additions, Whole House Remodeling, Whole House Renovations, Fix and Flip Investing

Major remodels are large and complex projects!  For many smart homeowners it’s worth the time to evaluate our new service assisting you as Home Remodel Consultant versus you doing it all yourself or bringing in a higher-priced general contractor.

DC Handyman Remodeling has developed numerous proven ways to help homeowners’ successfully complete major remodeling projects at substantial cost savings with less stress.

Need Help with Remodel Floor Plans

Remodel floor plans and design services are one of our specialties at DC Handyman Remodeling.  Our AWARD WINNING basement designer has done many hundreds of basement plans. We will listen to your needs and create two floor plans for you to study and select from. You will see your basement design in 3D as if it were already finished, you can see any room from any angle. It’s all done working closely with the homeowner at very affordable rates.

  1. Our kitchen and bath designers will work with you to fashion a new look for your home

  2. Design a whole house remodel using our expert project planning and drafting services
  3. Our interior designers and decorators are available as needed to help with your selections, fixtures and finishes
  4. Unlike an architectural or other design-only firm, we will be doing construction cost price checks throughout the design process to compare construction cost to your budget.

Home Makeovers on a Budget

Family rooms, three season porches, sunrooms, bathroom and basement additions, can all add enjoyment and relaxation to a home and doesn’t have to be overly expensive.  Whatever type of modified living space makes sense from small to complete home improvement dreams, our construction management professionals help homeowners make smart, cost-effective decisions for major remodels and comprehensive home makeovers.

Renovating Old Houses and Old Homes

Older homes can be very challenging to renovate. Many have structural issues to address, either in the foundation or in floors and beams. Older homes often contain either lead or asbestos. Staircases are often very steep, and electrical wiring may not be to code. A quality remodeling firm can help you sift through each aspect of your particular home so that none of these problem areas come back to haunt you.

Home Renovation and Whole House Remodel Tips

  1. Get professional help with planning and design.
  2. Test for lead and asbestos.
  3. Use dust control and surface protection measures.
  4. Insist on professional tradespeople.
  5. Develop a detailed scope of work.

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